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Our blog site deals with technology, video, art and design and while apparently they look like disjointed individual topics a closer look will show a definite link between all three. The keyword here is technology, something that is ruling the world today. In today’s digital environment, most things of life are run on high tech devices and equipment – smart phones, smart appliances, artificial intelligence, video graphics and even art and design.

The goal of our site is to bring details through our highly original and exclusive blogs, the methodologies adopted by people to optimally use technology to further skill sets in the areas of design and development and video making.

A snap shot of our site will help explain things better. For example in our technology section, we will explore threadbare its effects on our daily lives. Most visitors to our site would be using high tech smart phones to access our site but few would know how they did so and the effect of the Internet and the World Wide Web in what is seemingly a routine and regular activity. Similarly, our blogs will explain the basics of video and its making and how videos today play an important role in design and online digital marketing.

We will also focus on the modern tech innovations of today. First will be the role of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). This is when machines such as a computer can be made to act without programming and is known as machine learning. It has general human cognitive abilities and can recognise commands. AI has been very effective in the health care sector and has speeded up the patient diagnosis process. It also has extensive industrial and commercial applications and after cloud is the latest in technological development.

Another area that our blog site will highlight is the lesser known field of robotics. Here too rapid advancements have been made but till today it is a largely grey area for most people. Visitors to our site will find reliable and authoritative blogs on this subject.

Visit our site to know more about the happenings around you in the field of technology, video art and design.